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Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

​Material: Cotton Polyester Flame Resistant Fabric 300gsm
Standard: EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, NFPA2112, GB8965, Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
Function: Flame Retardant
MOQ:1000 pieces per color
Port: Shanghai/Tianjin/Qingdao
Supply Type: OEM service
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1. Product Introduction of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

This flame resistant bib-pants made of 300gsm cotton polyester flame resistant fabric, and can meet EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, NFPA2112 and other standards.

This flame resistant bib-pants’ composition is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, this composition can reach optimization of best FR property and price ratio, adopt most welcomed natural fiber cotton fiber, adding good strength polyester fiber, the flame resistant bib-pants will be distinguished after leaving the fire, no molten drops, char length is controlled within 10cm, washing durable reach more than 50 times. Good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, higher cotton proportion, soft touching, and it has no stimulation to skin.

This flame resistant bib-pants also has good elastic both under dry and wet condition, stable dimension, small shrinkage, not easy to fold, easy to wash, fast drying.

Our flame resistant bib-pants can be produced any colors according to customer’s color swatch.

2. Product Specification of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

Fabric Strength



Tear Strength



Tensile Strength



Color Fastness


Against Light


Rubbing Dry


Rubbing Wet


Against Perspiration Acid / Basic






Supply Type



3. Product Common Color of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

3. Product Common Color of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants.jpg


4. Product Details of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

4 Flame Resistant Bib-Pants details.jpg

This flame resistant bib-pants has the following features:

1.The flame resistant bib-pants’ font bib double layer ,inside big bib is combined by many combine pocket, can put as many tools as possible.

2.Out layer small bib pasted on the big bib by velcro, outside there is two in one contrast color patch pocket, closed by snap button, thus enlarge the space for tools.

3.Patch pocket with flap on the flame resistant bib-pants’ hip, closed by snap button, flap use contrast color.

4.On the left and right side of flame resistant bib-pants, there is slant patch pocket

5.Slant pocket on each side of the flame resistant bib-pants, add the abradability.


5. Product Accessories of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

5. Product Accessories of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants.jpg


6. Factory of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

6.Factory of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants.jpg


7. Product Certificate of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants

7.Product Certificate of the Flame Resistant Bib-Pants.jpg

8. FAQ 

Q: Is that possible to be your agent or distributor?

A: Yes, of course. We are glad to work with you together to develop the market.    Feel free to contact us for more information.  We are the OEM manufacturer for flame resistant bib-pants, we are developing partners to occupy our market 

Q:What’s the difference between inherent flame resistant bib-pants and treatments flame resistant bib-pants?

A: Inherently flame resistant fibers contain an essential characteristic that protects the wearer from an ignition source. Treatments or treated fibers have an applied chemical treatment that changes the original level of flame resistance. Flame resistant bib-pants are generally made from either flame resistant materials such as those made from aramid fibers, melamine fibers, or those treated with flame resistant "FR" treatments such as Ammonia or Heat Cure. FR treatments can Wash Out over time, shorting the life of the garment. 

Q: What about your MOQ (minimum order quantity) of the flame resistant bib-pants?

A: Our flame resistant bib-pants MOQ is 1000 covers

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