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Flame Retardant Bib Trousers

Material: 100% Cotton Flame Retardant Arc Proof Fabric 260gsm
Standard: GB/T12703-1991, EN ISO 11611, EN 11612, NFPA2112,EN 1149-5,Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
Function: Flame Retardant, Arc Proof
MOQ:1000 pieces per color
Port: Shanghai/Tianjin/Qingdao
Supply Type: OEM service
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1. Product Introduction

Yulong textile production of the Flame Retardant Bib Trousers are made of 260 GSM 100% Cotton Flame Retardant Arc Proof Fabric made of fire has spent sputtering and the function of the metal melt drop, the welding, electric power, metal smelting, fire, etc have HuoHuan work environment has good protection effect. Its protective performance has been certified by multiple flame retardant standards including GB/ t12703-1991,EN ISO 11611, EN 11612, NFPA2112,EN 1149-5, and Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2).

The Flame Retardant Bib Trousers pattern design is simple and easy, many pockets, loose and comfortable, easy activities, to bear or endure dirty, wear-resisting protective performance is good.

2. Product Details


This Flame Retardant Bib Trousers has the following features:

1. High-quality and high-strength anti-tearing straps, selected flame retardant straps buckle, the length can be adjusted

2. Elastic belt design is adopted at the waist of trousers

There are diagonal pockets on both sides of the crotch

4. There are big baggy pockets on the outside of the thigh on both sides, with bag cover and closed Velcro

5. Wide fluorescent yellow fabric belt and thin reflective belt are designed at the trouser legs.

3. Product Common Color


4. Product Accessories


5. Product Factory


6. Deliver and Shipping


7. FAQ

Q: What is your regular term of payment?

A: The customer of China: Fully payment before delivery.

Foreign customer: L/C, T/T, T/T+D/P.

Q: Do you only supply fabric, or also do complete garments?

A: We own a dyeing and finishing factory and a garment factory.

Q: What is the typical production lead time?

A: Fabric: about 20-40 workday.

Garment: about 60-90 workday.

Q: Any possibility of reducing lead time?

A: We are making by order, we need to know the quantity and color you need, so that we can check with our production department for the delivery time.The running colored fabrics have a shorter delivery.

Q: Do you charge for testing sample materials?

A: Our internal test are free, we can provide free reports at any time. If a client requires testing by a certified laboratory, we can arrange the testing with a reasonable fee.

Q: How long does testing take?

A: If a client requires our internal test reports, we can provide on the day we receive your sample. If a client requires testing by a certified laboratory, we can give you the reply case by case.

Q: Can you make color as customer request?

A: Yes, if our running color can not meet customer request, we can make color as customer's color dip.

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