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Aramid Fabric

Aramid Camouflage Fabric

Aramid Camouflage Fabric

Code: YL-IIIA25117
Material: 93% metal aramid 5% para-aramid 2%carbon fiber
Weave: 2/1 twill
Weight: 250gsm/7OZ
MOQ: 1000 meters
Standards: EN ISO 11612, EN 61482-1-2, EN ISO 1149-3, NFPA2112, Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

This aramid camouflage fabric was made of meta-aramid, para-aramid and carbon fiber, with digital camouflage printing process.

The aramid camouflage fabric has permanent FR property, no melting, non-toxic when burning, outstanding chemical resistance property and good mechanical property.

The aramid camouflage fabric's camouflage patterns can be designed and processed according to customer requirements.

This aramid camouflage fabric can be widely used in fr protective clothing for firefighters, military and aviation personnel.


3. Product Certificate

3. Product Certificate of the Aramid Camouflage Fabric.jpg


4. Production Factory

4. Production Factory of the Aramid Camouflage Fabric .jpg


5. Product Testing

5. Product Testing of the Aramid Camouflage Fabric .jpg


6. Deliver and Shipping

6. Deliver and Shipping of the Aramid Camouflage Fabric.jpg


7. Product Application

7. Product Application of the Aramid Camouflage Fabric.jpg


8. FAQ

Q: How long time you need to make the lab-dip?

A: 5-7 working days after we received the color swathes.

Q: Why should we use fire resistant aramid fabric?

A: When workers are in industries with combustion hazards like flash fires and         explosions such as petroleum, electric, gas, chemicals, aluminum and the like      manufacturing industries, they are required to wear FR clothing. Clothing made of aramid fabric can effectively protect workers from burning accidents and reduce losses. 

Q: Can we believe you with aramid fabric?

A: Why not? We have our own weaving, knitting, dying, sewing mills. Obviously, we can provide you good quality fabric, good price and good service.

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