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Aramid Fabric

Fire Proof Aramid Fabric

Fire Proof Aramid Fabric

Code: YL-IIIA20117
Material: 93% metal aramid 5% para-aramid 2%carbon
Weave: 1/1 plain
Weight: 200gsm/6oz
MOQ: 1000 meters
Standards: EN ISO11612,EN 61482-1-2, EN1149-3, ASTM F1506,ASTM F 1959,ASTM D6413,Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

The advantage of fire proof aramid fabric is very obvious, mainly in the following aspects:

a. Good safety, fiber does not melt in case of fire, low smoke and no gas released.

b. Permanent fr effect. Washing and friction does not affect the fr performance. Have good performance prevent the spread of flame, smoke release, melting resistance, good performance on durability.

c. Environmental protection, natural fiber as carrier, wastes can be natural degradation, accord with environmental protection requirement.

d. Good thermal insulation and antistatic performance. Provide completed protection from thermal.

e. It has natural fiber properties. Fiber fabric has a day of wet gas absorption performance, has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, bright dyeing.

f. It has wide application field, such as flame retardant protective clothing.

2. Product Specification

Fabric Strength



Tear Strength



Tensile Strength



Color Fastness


Rubbing Dry


Rubbing Wet


Against Perspiration Acid / Basic






Supply Type


3. Product Common Color

fabric common color

4. Product Qualification

certification about fr fabric

5. Fabric Factory

fabric factory

6. FAQ

Q: Can you make color as customer request?

A: Yes, if our running color cannot meet customer request, we can make color as customer's color dip.

Q: What is the evaluation method of fire proof aramid fabric?

A: To evaluate the fr performance of textile usually takes two standard: One is determined by the LOI of textile. The second is evaluated by the burning speed rate of textile.

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