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Aramid Fabric

Fireproof Aramid Fabric

Fireproof Aramid Fabric

Code: YL-IIIA22115
Material: 93% metal aramid5% para-aramid2%carbon
Weave: 1/1 plain
Weight: 220gsm/6.5oz
MOQ: 1000 meters
Standards: EN ISO11612,EN 61482-1-2, EN1149-3, ASTM F1506,ASTM F 1959,ASTM D6413,Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

The fireproof aramid fabric is the permanent fireproof fiber, which is heat proof, high strength, high wear resistance, soft, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, burning without drop, no poisonous and other adventure.

The fireproof aramid fabric have good stability of size. The hot shrinkage is only 1% under 250℃. The fiber softening temperature is 373℃. And more than 400℃, the fiber begin to dissociate and at the same time the fabric become thick and the fiber expansion.

2. Product Specification

Fabric Strength



Tear Strength



Tensile Strength



Color Fastness


Rubbing Dry


Rubbing Wet


Against Perspiration Acid / Basic






Supply Type


3. Product Common Color

fabric common color

4. Product Qualification

certification about fr fabric

5. Fabric Factory

fabric factory

6. FAQ

Q: What is your regular term of payment?

A: The customer of China: Fully payment before delivery.

Foreign customer: L/C, T/T, T/T+D/P.

Q: How to check authenticity of the report?

A: 1.Qualification examination: the third party report can be given to whom has qualification. 2. Checking the process details: to given the test report, there must be one process in the laboratory. 3. Checking the standard and test content: because the testing has some certain specialties, checking the methods or standards can recognize whether it meets requirements or not. 4. The most direct checking way: there must be a file or soft copy in the laboratory after one report be given. The most direct way is to check with certifying authority.

Q: Do you have fabric in stock?

A: Our products usually make by order, only parts of products have small stock, we should check according to the specification and quantity that your need.

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