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Aramid Fabric

Permanent Fire Retardant Fabric

Permanent Fire Retardant Fabric

Code: YL-IIIA20114
Material: 93% meta aramid 5% para-aramid 2%carbon
Weave: 1/1 Plain
Weight: 200gsm/6oz
MOQ: 1000 meters
Standards: EN ISO11612,EN 61482-1-2, EN1149-3, ASTM F1506, ASTM F 1959, ASTM D6413, Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

Aramid flame protective fabric is a permanent fire retardant fabric, it has a heat, high strength, high wear resistance, good softness, low shrinkage, chemical structure stability, combustion without droplets, no toxic gas.

This permanent fire retardant fabric has good dimensional stability, can be 250 ℃ temperature long-term use, the thermal shrinkage rate of only 1%. Fiber softening temperature of 373 ℃, more than 400 ℃ began to break down, decomposition of the fabric thickening, fiber expansion, outside the cloth outside 900-1300 ℃ heat transfer without cracking.

2. Certification


3. Fabric Factory

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4. Fabric Transport

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5. Application

permanent fire retardant fabric application

6. FAQ

Q: What is the width of fabric?

A: We can make it 1.1meter to 1.5 meters.

Q: How to ensure you’re delivery time?

A: We have advanced and environmental production line with experienced workers to ensure product delivery time between 20-30 day. And we have running protective fabrics only need 15-20 days. For example, 330g cotton fr fabric and 7oz cotton nylon fr fabric.

Q: May I have a trail order?

A: Of course! Trail order is necessary for new customers. our MOQ is 1000 pcs per color with surcharge $100-$500 depends on different quality.

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