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Aramid Fabric

Permanent Flame Resistant Fabric

Permanent Flame Resistant Fabric

Code: YL-IIIA19119
Material: 93% meta aramid 5% para-aramid 2%carbon
Weave: 1/1 Plain
Weight: 190gsm/5.6oz
MOQ: 1000 meters
Standards: EN ISO11612,EN 61482-1-2, EN1149-3, ASTM F1506, ASTM F 1959, ASTM D6413, Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

This permanent flame resistant fabric is aramid IIIA fabric, according to European standard and American standard. The fabric has permanent fr performance and antistatic property, and its fr performance is excellent.

The fabric is permeable, comfortable and soft, and it is not toxic and tasteless. The protective clothing made of this fabric is high temperature resistant and is suitable for high temperature and fire hazard working environment. This fabric is widely used in power industry, petrochemical industry, laboratory and other industries.

2. Certification


3. Fabric Factory

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4. Fabric Transport

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5. Application

Permanent flame resistant fabric application

6. FAQ

Q: What are the important indicators to buy flame resistant fabric?

A: When buying fr fabrics, we must pay attention to its fr properties. The flame resistant properties are mainly evaluated according to the laboratory test results. It is common to have the following indicators: (1) ignition difficulty;(2) velocity of flame surface propagation;(3) smoke visibility;(4) toxicity and causticity of combustion products. 1.2 of these are the main indicators.

Q: Which part should we pay attention to when buying fr fabric?

A: First, flame resistant performance is one of the most important technical index, the second is the strength of fabric and the washable times. Some purchasers will pay attention to color fastness and other aspect too.

Q: Why choose you?

A: We are an advanced technology of fr feature developed by us since 2002.  And has got good reputations among international market. Fr fabrics made by us is with super fr feature, soft to wear, low formaldehyde and good color fastness. Not only our fabrics can meet standards of EN11611, EN11612, EN11416, NFPA2112, etc. We are also verified by BV, UL, Oeko-tex 100, SGS, BTTG, etc.

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