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C/N Flame Retardant Fabric

C/N Fire Proof Fabric

C/N Fire Proof Fabric

Material:88% cotton 12%nylon
Weave:4/1 Satin
MOQ: 3000 meters
Standards: EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,NFPA2112, ASTMD6413,IEC 61482-1-2, Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

This fabric is made of 88% cotton fiber and 12% nylon fiber, the clothing made by this fabric can extend the use life 50%, may cause it prevent spark, arc and metal drops better. The use of fire proof is a kind of durability after treatment fire proof used for the cotton fiber and its blended fabric, the main characteristic of using this fire proof finishing can form permanent cross linking in the inner of fabric, which can makes durability fire retardant function, good washing fastness, nontoxic and peculiar smell, no harm to the health of human body, fire retardant property can reach EN11611,EN11612,EN14116,EN61482,BS5852,NFPA2112,ASTM and GB8965-2009 etc.

2. Product Specification

Fabric Strength



Tear Strength



Tensile Strength



Color Fastness


Rubbing Dry


Rubbing Wet


Against Perspiration Acid / Basic






Supply Type


3. Fabric Factory

fabric factory

4. Certification

certification about fr fabric

5. Fabric Warehouse

fabric warehouse (2)

6. FAQ

Q:How to check authenticity of the report?

A: 1.Qualification examination: the third party report can be given to whom has qualification. 2. Checking the process details: to given the test report, there must be one process in the laboratory. 3. Checking the standard and test content: because the testing has some certain specialties, checking the methods or standards can recognize whether it meets requirements or not. 4. The most direct checking way: there must be a file or soft copy in the laboratory after one report be given. The most direct way is to check with certifying authority.

Q: What is the evaluation method of fire proof fabric?

A: To evaluate the fire proof performance of textile usually takes two standard: One is determined by the LOI of textile. The second is evaluated by the burning speed rate of textile.

Q: What is the price of fabric?

A: It depends on specification, QTY, color, function you need, and then calculate the price. The details please ask the sale man.

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