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C/N Flame Retardant Fabric

Cotton Nylon Fireproof Fabric

Cotton Nylon Fireproof Fabric

Code: YL-CN/FR340106
Material: C/N88/12 FR
Weave: 3/1 twill
Weight: 340gsm/10 OZ
MOQ: 3000 meters
Standards: EN ISO 11611, EN 61482-1-2, NFPA2112, ASTMF1506, ASTM F1959, GOST 12.103, Oeko Tex standard 100(class 2)
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1. Product Introduction

This cotton nylon fireproof fabric adopt 88% good quality cotton fiber and 12% high strength nylon fiber fabric as raw material, through 3/1 weaving construction, have good strength, and great FR property, lower formaldehyde content, good strength, can enlarge clothing using life to 50%, easy dyeing and dye bright color, soft touching, comfortable wearing.

This cotton nylon fireproof fabric mainly used in fire fighting/ electric/ electric welder’s fr protective clothing and steel making/ sealing/ explosion/ mining/ chemical/ electrics such industrial protection.

In addition, the cotton nylon fireproof fabric color can be customized. The FR function can also be combined with other additional function.


2.Common Color

3. Product Common Color of the Cotton Nylon Fireproof Fabric.jpg


3. Factory 

4. Production Factory of the Cotton Nylon Fireproof Fabric.jpg


4. Qualification

5. Product Qualification of the Cotton Nylon Fireproof Fabric.jpg


5. Application

6. Product Application of the Cotton Nylon Fireproof Fabric.jpg


6. FAQ 

Q: Do you charge for testing sample materials?

A: Our internal test are free, we can provide free reports at any time. If a client requires testing by a certified laboratory, we can arrange the testing with a reasonable fee. 

Q : What is the classification of fireproof fabric?

A :  --Disposable fireproof fabrics

     --Chemical treated fireproof fabrics

     --Inherently fireproof fabrics 

Q: What information need I know if I want to place an order?

A: As we are making to order, we need to know the fabric material, function, weight, color, quantity, etc. to make a more precise quotation.


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