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Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

Twill Flame Retardant Fabric

Twill Flame Retardant Fabric

Code: YL-C/FR44012
Material: 100% Cotton FR
Weave: 3/1 twill
Weight: 440gsm/13.0oz
MOQ: 3000 meters
Standards: NFPA70E, ASTM F1506, ASTM F1959, IEC 61482-1-2, EN11611, EN11612, NFPA 2112, Oeko- Standard tex100
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1. Product Introduction

440gsm twill flame retardant fabric has high strength, good color fastness and washable times up to 100 times. It is safe, reliable, breathable and breathable, and comfortable and tough. It is suitable for flame retardant workwear in gas station, metallurgy, electric welding, petroleum, chemical, mining, mechanical repair and other industries.

Twill flame retardant fabric can use THPC flame retardant process and CP flame retardant process. The formaldehyde content is lower, non-toxic and tasteless, and the indicators are strictly in accordance with many standards of the European Union and the United States.

The company has a professional R & D team, we can customize processing according to customer requirements, our products are widely exported to Europe and the United States, Russia, South America, the Middle East, Central Asia and other countries and regions, has won the praise of new and old customers.

2. Product Specification

Fabric Strength



Tear Strength



Tensile Strength



Against Light


Rubbing Dry


Rubbing Wet






Supply Type


3. Product Common Color

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4. Certification

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5.Fabric Factory

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6. FAQ

Q:Whats the difference between Inherent Flame Resistance and Treatments?

A:Inherently flame retardant fibers contain an essential characteristic that protects the wearer from an ignition source. Treatments or treated fibers have an applied chemical treatment that changes the original level of flame retardant. Flame retardant garments are generally made from either flame retardant materials such as those made from aramid fibers, melamine fibers, or those treated with flame retardant "FR" treatments such as Ammonia or Heat Cure . FR treatments can Wash Out over time, shorting the life of the garment.

Q:How long does testing take?

A:If a client requires our internal test reports, we can provide on the day we receive your sample. If a client requires testing by a certified laboratory, we can give you the reply case by case.

Q : Can you supply the certification report of the flame retardant fabric?

A : Our flame retardant fabric has gotten Oeko-Tex standard 100, also have passed the national standard: GB8965; European standard: EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 14116; American standard: NFPA2112 etc.

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