3 Tips on How to Properly Launder Flame Retardant T-Shirt
Jan 29, 2013

It's no secret that wearing the right fire retardant (FR) clothing is becoming an essential precaution in a growing number of industries, but how should you properly care for flame resistant garments? While many industrial launderers would like you to believe that flame retardant T-shirt needs special laundering services, its not true; home laundering is just as safe and much more cost-effective.


Incorrectly laundering flame retardant T-shirt can compromise the FR performance so you should always follow the detailed laundering and care instructions provided by the flame retardant T-shirt manufacturer. Here are three common flame retardant T-shirt laundering practices that will help you properly care for your flame retardant T-shirts.


1 .Avoid Hard Water


Hard water causes minerals like calcium and magnesium salts to build up on cotton flame retardant fabric. This can mask FR properties or make your flame retardant T-shirt more flammable, and the last thing you want is your flame retardant T-shirt serving as fuel in the event of ignition exposure. You can avoid this by using soft water whenever you wash your flame retardant T-shirt.



2 .Avoid High Temperatures


Water and drying temperature can also have a bad impact on your flame retardant T-shirts. To preserve the protective qualities of your flame retardant T-shirt, the water temperature should not exceed 140ºF. When it's time to dry, make sure the fabric temperature doesnt exceed 280ºF. Consider using the medium heat or permanent press setting as well as the cool down feature on your dryer.


Just like with regular clothing, some protective wear fabrics shrink during drying. Most shrinkage happens within the first five washes. Specifically this happens at the very end of an overly dry setting. It's extremely important that you do not over dry. Avoid shrinkage by washing your garments in warm, not hot water and, whenever possible, line dry instead of using a dryer.


Each type of FR fabric has predictable shrinkage characteristics. If you are uncertain, the garment manufacturer can provide this information. Be sure to consider it when sizing and purchasing the garments.



3 . Inspect Your Garment Regularly


Do you know when its time to retire a piece of flame retardant T-shirt? Your protective wear cant protect your health and safety if the integrity is compromised. If the flame retardant T-shirt is contaminated with any flammable materials, remove it by using spot cleaners like Shout, Spray N Wash or Zout, then launder it.


After laundering your flame retardant T-shirt it may still appear stained. The presence of hydrocarbon odors is an indication that the flame retardant T-shirt is still contaminated with flammable materials. If the flame retardant T-shirt is still stained but there is no hydrocarbon smell, then the fabric may be discolored. Dry cleaning with petroleum solvent may remove stubborn stains but since not all FR fabric can be dry cleaned, consult the laundering and care instructions provided by the garment manufacturer.


Knowing how to properly care for and wash your flame retardant T-shirt will help make sure your protective wear lasts longer and protects the way it was meant to protect you. Do you have any additional questions or concerns on how to properly launder your flame retardant T-shirt? Xinxiang yulong textile are happy to help you in any way they can. Simply give us a call or send us your questions via the form on this website

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