How can I accurately purchase high-quality flame-retardant fabrics?
Feb 04, 2012

The so-called "flame retardant" is not that the textile after flame retardant finishing will not burn when it contacts the fire source, but the fabric can reduce its flammability as much as possible in the fire, slow down the spread speed, and does not form a large area of combustion. After leaving the flame, it can self-extinguish quickly, no longer burning or smoldering. Many customers who purchase flame retardant fabrics are not very clear about the principle of flame retardant fabrics, and they mistakenly believe that they are fabrics that will not burn. Hereby for everyone to popularize the usual flame-retardant fabrics will burn, so pay more attention when using.



In recent years, functional fabrics have met the individual needs of different consumers. Functional fabrics mainly refer to fabrics that are waterproof, cold-proof, fluorescent, anti-static, flame-retardant, UV-resistant, anti-mosquito, quick-drying, and memory. In particular, flame retardant fabrics with flame retardant properties have surged in sales and demand in recent years. So how do you buy high quality flame retardant fabrics?


Flame-retardant properties: When purchasing flame-retardant fabrics, be sure to pay attention to the flame-retardant properties. In many cases, the flame-retardant test is performed on the equipment in the laboratory to ensure that its flame-retardant performance is qualified.


   Fabric strength: The strength of the fabric is very important. This is an important indicator for judging the firmness of the fabric. It is the same as testing how many cows a rope is subjected to. The more strength it bears, the better.


   Washing times: The number of times of washing of the flame-retardant fabric is very important, because it involves the choice of flame retardant performance and cleaning. If the number of washings is high, it can be washed several times, the flame retardant performance still exists, and the time that can be worn is compared. a little longer. Now it is basically divided into three kinds of flame-retardant fabrics, such as one wash, multiple washes and permanent, which can be selected according to your needs.


    This is the most basic three points that need to be known to purchase flame retardant fabrics. Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has a large-scale production base and a professional quality inspection center, which can detect various physical and chemical properties of fabrics at any time, and we Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. All kinds of protective fabrics produced can meet the relevant standards of the country and the European Union. We insist on technology-oriented and specialized production. Yulong Textile Protection utilizes its own R&D team to overcome various problems in fabric research and development. The flame retardant protective clothing produced not only has good flame retardant effect, but also has beautiful appearance, good convenience, comfortable wearing and softness, high ventilation and moisture permeability, and Can be produced according to customer requirements.

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