The leader of permanent flame retardant fabrics—— aramid flame retardant fabric
Jul 15, 2015


Flame retardant fabrics are classified as one-time flame retardant, durable flame retardant and permanent flame retardant according to their flame retardant properties; among them, modified acrylic fabrics and aramid flame retardant fabrics are the most common ones, because the material itself has flame retardant properties, so the price will be 1-5 times higher than durable flame retardant fabrics; however, its excellent flame retardant properties are better. Flame-retardant properties still can not stop guests' desire to order. Today we want to introduce the flame retardant fabric of aramid flame retardant fabric.

Aramid flame retardant fabric has the following characteristics:

1. aramid flame retardant fabric is good in safety. It does not melt in fire. Low smoke is not toxic gas.

2. the permanent flame retardant effect of aramid flame retardant fabric will not affect the flame retardancy due to washing and friction.

3. excellent permanent flame retardancy and fire resistance. It is good for preventing flame spread, smoke release, anti melting and durability.

5. good insulation and anti-static properties. Provide a full range of thermal protection.

6. aramid flame retardant fabric has the characteristics of soft feel, comfort, moisture absorption and breathability.

Apart from the above characteristics, the aramid flame retardant fabrics produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. have the advantages of heat resistance, high strength, high wear resistance, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure and no poison gas when burning, etc. Therefore, they are very popular with customers all over the world.

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