Canvas---leading the world trend
Jun 29, 2013

Introduction to the history of canvas: The canvas originated in ancient Europe and was made of a special fabric. Because it was originally used on sailboats, canvas was named after it. Due to the thick scratch-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics of the canvas, it was extended to various fields. Later, the aircraft was invented, and the canvas was spared to the parachute. The world’s first football was made of canvas. There was also the first oil painting, the first pair of jeans, the first tent, the first military uniform, and the canvas was applied to each. Among the special fields. Later, the canvas application range became wider and wider, and it had a low-key and unobtrusive personality, which once led the trend of the market.


Canvas is usually used outdoors, and it is easy to cause canvas damage after being exposed to wind and rain. Therefore, canvas maintenance is necessary. After the canvas is dirty, pay attention to clean and dry naturally. Avoid exposure and high temperature baking to avoid acid and alkaline corrosion solutions. When cleaning, be careful not to be too violent, and brush off the broken line. For white canvas, do not touch hard-to-clean items such as carbon ink. After cleaning the canvas of this color, apply toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to uniformity, then dry and dry to prevent discoloration. Or find two white clean papers on top, dry them and tear them off. It can also prevent discoloration.


The cotton canvas produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is dyed with imported dyes and additives, which is environmentally friendly and has a bright color effect. Can be used to make a variety of overalls, bright colors, comfortable to wear. It is also possible to add flame retardant, antistatic, oil and water repellent effects on this basis.

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