Detailed classification of flame retardant fabrics
Jan 23, 2012

At present, the main flame retardant fabrics are: after finishing flame retardant fabric, such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, and so on; the essential flame retardant fabric, such as aramid, nitrile cotton, DuPont Kevlar, noo Mexes, Australia PR97 and so on.

EllenWuagneux, deputy editor in chief of the "nonwoven industry", briefly analyzed the flame retardant technology. He believes that the fire retardant marketing industry is getting hot, but the global raw material suppliers are not synchronized; the rise of new statutes and modern technology in the United States and the federal level has brought new demands and challenges to the industry. Edonis mentioned that the company has developed better flame retardants in the integration of PROBAN and PYROVATEX flame retardants, with better performance in flame retardancy, environmental protection, color, and hand feeling.

Disposable flame retardant fabric

Disposable flame retardant fabric is the rudiment of flame retardant products. Due to its low technical difficulty and low cost, it is once the main product of the flame retardant fabric market. But intolerance to wash and flame retardants are harmful to the environment and human body, which limits the promotion of disposable flame retardant products. At present, these products are mainly used in decorative fields such as fabric sofa and so on. With the steady popularity of durable cotton flame retardant and modified PET permanent flame retardant fabrics, disposable flame retardant products will gradually be replaced.


Pure cotton durable flame retardant fabric

Cotton products are always the fashion trend in the fabric market, and their comfort has always been popular. After finishing the cotton fabric, this product can not only effectively prevent the flame from spreading, but also protect the original excellent performance of the fabric. Durable cotton flame retardant fabric has good washing resistance, non-toxic, no smell, safe and reliable to human body, breathable and moisture permeable, soft handle and comfortable clothing. In terms of active combustion, the anti melt performance is outstanding. At present, the cotton flame retardant fabric completely meets the flame-retardant index: the damage length is less than 120mm, the afterburning time is less than 2 seconds, the smoldering time is less than 2 seconds. The main products are pure cotton woven fabrics (such as khaki, gauze cards, double-sided flannelette, plain cloth, etc.), canvas and so on. It is suitable for making flame retardant protective clothing in metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire protection and other industries.

Modified polyester permanent flame retardant fabric

The modified polyester permanent flame retardant fabric is made of flame retardant modified polyester staple fiber. In addition to having permanent flame retardant properties, the fabric also has higher strength and resilience, and good acid and alkali resistance. It is widely used in the production of labor protection clothing and industrial decoration products. However, because of the poor moisture absorption of polyester fabric with permanent flame retardant fabric, the wear has a dull heat, easy to take electrostatic and dirt, and at the same time, there is a melting drop in the combustion, which greatly restricts its development prospects.

NOMEX permanent flame retardant fabric

In view of the fatal defects of the modified polyester permanent flame retardant fabric in the combustion of two times, the new generation of permanent flame retardant fabric came into being - NOMEX permanent flame retardant fabric. The product is developed by the DuPont Co and has the outstanding advantages of modified polyester permanent flame retardant fabric. At the same time, it does not cause melting drop, good anti-static performance and higher strength, which makes the NOMEX permanent flame retardant fabric a reasonable choice for special combat clothing and fire safety clothing. At the same time, with the development of society, NOMEX permanent flame retardant fabric will gradually become the protagonist of protective products.

Aramid 1313 permanent flame retardant fabric

Aramid 1313 permanent flame retardant fabric is a mature permanent flame retardant material developed at home. Its performance is basically the same as NOMEX. It has gradually replaced the same kind of imported materials. Because of its good competitive price, it has been widely used in China, and the prospect of export is good.


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