Deep-Sea sediment fabric
Jun 11, 2018

Deep-sea precipitation fabric refers to the use of deep sea precipitation technology developed metal fiber or silver fiber material and horse cloning value in the 4.1~4.3 between the lint and other fiber blends made of fabrics. This fabric, after the production of modern technology, effective shielding radiation can reach 80DB, is currently the best mainstream fabrics. In the field of radiation protection, it is also a technical change, greatly enhancing the protection of the radiation effect and service life of clothing. Jing-Yee team in all over the study, decided to use China's Xinjiang region of cotton, as a radiation-proof clothing required for fiber raw materials. We know that the cotton in Xinjiang, whether in softness or permeability, can be comparable with the best Egyptian cotton in the world. And only Micronaire value in the 4.1~4.3 between the lint to have the best fiber drugs, in the metal fiber and silver fiber blends, can let the radiation net more intensive. With good air permeability and deodorizing sterilization effect.

Parameters: breathable, washable, antibacterial maintenance, eliminate static electricity, shielding performance and stability.

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