What are The Methods for Evaluating the Flame Retardant Properties of Flame Retardant Garments
Jul 09, 2014

Flame retardant protection assessment of flame retardant garments currently uses three methods:

1. Vertical burning test method, test process: using standard methane gas flame, continuously burning flame retardant garments fabric for 12 seconds, removing or extinguishing, observing the situation that the flame retardant garments fabric continues to burn, and measuring the damage of the flame retardant garments fabric after burning length. The vertical burning test method simulates the burning state of the fabric when the flame starts to burn from the bottom of one end of the flame retardant garment fabric, which occurs less in actual real fires.

flame retardant garment

2. Thermal protection performance (TPP) test method, thermal protection performance TPP test method, closer to the real situation, more reflective of the thermal protection performance of flame retardant garments, widely used by NFPA and national standards.

3. The hot person test method, the hot person test method uses the hot person instrument of the simulation person model to test, which is the most realistic simulation of the actual fire occurrence, and most reflects the thermal protection performance of the flame retardant garment, which is the world. One of the most advanced thermal burn assessment devices.

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