Why is the safety and protection status of fire retardant clothing more and more important?
Feb 01, 2015


       In recent years, as people’s awareness of safety has grown, people’s safety standards for protective articles have become higher and higher. Fire retardant clothing has gradually become a hot topic of concern. Not long ago, some countries in North America and Oceania have issued relevant Fire retardant clothing performance related notification, the report covers daily clothing, children's sleepwear, according to industry analysts to analyze this phenomenon is mainly due to the recent number of clothing fire caused by the continuous increase in the number of casualties, it can be inferred in the future There will be more and more clothing varieties incorporated into the standard of fire retardant clothing, and the standard requirements for fire retardant clothing will become increasingly stringent.

       The evaluation of fire retardant clothing is mainly from three aspects: flame retardancy, thermal protection and physical and mechanical properties. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has integrated its fabric factory and garment factory, and has created a creative production model of fabric/clothing integration. The fire retardant garments we produce will perform corresponding follow-up tests on the fire retardant fabrics during the fabric processing process to ensure the high quality of the fire retardant clothing.

       Fire retardant clothing is one of the protective devices commonly used by workers who are often in flammable and combustible environments such as petroleum, chemical, electrical, and smelting. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. combines many years of production experience with a large number of test data, and scientifically organizes a complete fire retardant clothing evaluation program to ensure that our customers are provided with high-quality fire retardant clothing, thus giving us Customers bring a new experience of good security protection.

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