Flame retardant clothing is very important in the work
Apr 01, 2015


       Do you know why Flame retardant clothing's very important for your work? That's because the flame retardant clothing can hold back to your safety, and safety is one of the most important elements of the job. When we are in a flammable and explosive environment, this Flame retardant clothing can help us keep life in a dangerous working environment. Nothing is more expensive than life.

      According to incomplete statistics, the property loss of the fire-retardant material in fire can be reduced by 1/3, and the Flame retardant clothing by the workers can slow down the burning of the fibers when they are lit by the fire, and they can be eliminated and extinguished immediately after the fire is removed, and the burning part is carbonized rapidly in carbonization. It will not produce any melted drops or piercing holes, which can give our consumers a quick break in the fastest time, and can reduce personal injury in the most short time.

      How can the Flame retardant clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. add the function of oil resistance and water repellency so that the stains on clothes can be more easily removed. Such characteristics can save us more time. And high-quality Flame retardant clothing, its hydrophilic treatment will be very good, which is enough to make staff wear more comfortable in hot summer.

What are you waiting for to come to Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. to order Flame retardant clothing.

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