How to identify the material of flame retardant fabric by combustion method?
Mar 01, 2015


       In the warp and weft of the flame retardant fabric, each piece of cloth containing warp and weft yarn is drawn. It is ignited with fire to observe the state of the flame and check the residue after burning the fiber on the flame retardant fabric, so as to judge the material of the flame retardant fabric.

       The characteristics of commonly used flame retardant fabrics after burning are summarized as follows:

       1.Performance characteristics of cotton fiber in flame retardant fabric

       Because cotton fibers do not possess flame retardancy, cotton fibers often appear in the rear finishing flame retardant fabrics, and the flame of cotton fibers is yellow when they burn. The flame of cotton fabric burns off the smell of paper. After burning, the cotton fiber has very little powder and ashes will appear black or gray.

       2. Viscose fiber of flame retardant fabric

       The viscose fiber we say is not fire retardant viscose, but ordinary viscose fiber, when burning, the flame is yellow, it sends out the scent of burning paper, and the burning ash is few, it is smooth and twisted and the light ash or gray white fine powder.

       3. Chemical fibers, such as polyester, nylon, etc., of flame retardant fabrics

       Flame retardant fabric, polyester, nylon and other chemical fiber combustion is the flame color orange, when burning will produce the smell of plastic, burning ash less or not ash in the burning, will produce a hard chemical fiber black ball at the end of the fiber, dragging hand can be pulled into silk.

      By mastering the characteristics of these three kinds of fibers after burning, you can quickly determine what materials you may buy for flame retardant fabrics. The flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yu Long Textile Co., Ltd. will place an ingredient card in each of the goods. You can obtain information on the specifications and material of the flame retardant fabric you purchased through the information on the card.

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