Xinxiang Yulong Textile Environmentally Friendly Flame retardant overalls Your Safety Preferred Product
Mar 15, 2015


        Each of us started from birth, and about 99% of the time was wrapped in fabric. Clothing and fabrics are almost intimately in contact with your skin. They can be said to be our second layer of "skin." When we work, the overalls can be said to make us the most exposed to the daily clothing, people in different industries will need different functions of the overalls, today we are talking about the flame retardant overalls.

        Flame retardant overalls are workwear with flame-retardant functions. They are usually divided into durable flame-retardant overalls and permanent flame-retardant overalls. Permanent flame retardant overalls are usually made of aramid or denatured acrylic cotton. Even if the weight of the overalls is very light, it will have good flame retardant properties, and the flame retardant effect will not be weakened by the number of washings. Durable flame retardant overalls are generally flame retardant overalls made of cotton-blend fabrics after being treated by a flame retardant process. The overall cost of the overalls is much lower than that of permanent flame retardant overalls. High-quality durable flame retardant overalls are passed through 100. After repeated washing, the flame retardant effect is still excellent; however, some manufacturers reduce the production time in order to reduce the cost, may reduce the number of washings of the product or use the inferior materials to produce the flame retardant overalls, thereby promoting a large amount of chemical residues on the finished flame retardant overalls.

        The flame retardant overalls produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. are a flame retardant protection product that you can trust. Our company implements a green production model. Our production workshop is equipped with the most advanced environmentally friendly fabric processing machines. To ensure the health of workers, each of our production processes is environmentally tested. The flame retardant overalls produced by our company are made of combed cotton blended materials, which are comfortable to the touch and have good wear resistance. After the treatment of the permanent flame retardant technology unique to our Yulong textile, the flame retardant overalls can be reached. 100 times, the minimum free formaldehyde content can reach 50PPM, non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating. Soft touch, good breathability and moisture permeability make it qualified to be your second layer of "skin".

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