How to Choose Fire Retardant Fabric and Fire Retardant Fabric Factory?
Dec 03, 2018

With the national requirements for safety protection, more and more company and factory pay attention to the fire retardant clothing. The fire retardant fabric plays a very important role for the fire retardant clothing.

Firstly, the fire retardant fabric need to meet environmental standards, that is, OEKO-TEX100 certificate requirements, formaldehyde content should meet the standards;

Secondly, the domestic fire retardant standard is GB8965-2009 Grade B. Europe standard is EN11611, EN11612, The USA standard is NFPA2112. The fire retardant fabric is exported to different country need to meet different standard.

Based on these characteristics, the choice of fire retardant fabric factory to have a considerable control of the product capacity, but also for export and domestic standards to have a detailed understanding and understanding in order to do a good job in the production process quality control for Business owners and labor Industrial workers escort.

YuLong Textile has 15 years of fire retardant fabric industry production and research and development experience, products meet OEKO-TEX100 class2 requirements, formaldehyde content of 75ppm or less, the production of fire retardant fabrics in full compliance with different industries and regions Standard requirements for your Safety to provide the best service.

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