Metal fiber anti-radiation fabric
Jun 11, 2018

Metal fiber content in about 30%, by the test center in Shanghai, China showed electromagnetic shielding efficiency of up to 32.2db, shielding rate of up to 99.9%. Not only has the very good radiation resistance, the texture is soft, the hygroscopicity is strong, the air permeability is good, wears comfortably, washes, and so on characteristic, moreover the price is moderate, the color is diverse, by many expectant mother's favorite, is the civil protective clothing main product.

Its radiation resistance is weaker than the silver fiber radiation-proof fabric.

Metal fiber blended fabric, stainless steel metal fabric

Technical features

Stainless steel metal fiber content 30%, by China Shanghai Testing Center Test: Electromagnetic shielding efficiency of up to 32.2db, shielding rate of up to 99.94% (there are inspection reports).

Product characteristics

Not only has a very good radiation resistance, soft texture, strong hygroscopicity, good permeability, comfortable wearing, washable and other market positioning price moderate, suitable for ordinary working-class, is the main product of civil protective clothing.

Other technical fabrics Omni-directional conductive sponge, conductive fiber, wire netting yarn, antistatic conductive cloth, conductive silk, conductive non-woven, conductive film, soft conductive materials, shielding room, shielding tents, multi-band camouflage tarpaulin and other shielding materials and copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth tape, widely used in PDP plasma TV, DVD, lcd LCD display, FPC, computer line, portable computer, communication electronic products and other fields of EMI electromagnetic shielding.

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