Product standards related to antistatic function of textiles
Jun 11, 2018

China's current textile industry national standards and industry standard and textile antistatic function of the product standards are:

GB/T 12014-2009 anti-static overalls:

The standard of test methods related to the electrostatic properties of textiles are:

GB 12703-1991 Static testing method of textiles;

FZ/T 01042-1996 Determination of static voltage half-life of electrostatic properties of textile materials (instead of FJ 549-1985);

fz/t 01044-1996 Measurement of electrostatic properties of textile materials (replace FJ 551-1985);

fz/t 01059-1999 Fabric Friction Electrostatic adsorption determination method (instead of ZB W 04007-1989);

Fz/t 01060-1999 method for the determination of the electric charge density of textile friction (instead of ZB W 04008-1989);

fz/t 01061-1999 Textile Friction Starting voltage determination method (replaces ZB W 04009-1989); These existing standards are very similar to those of the ISO,AATCC,ASTM,BS,JIS,DN and other similar standards.

Which gb/t12014-1989 is basically equivalent to JIS T 8118 "Static gas charged to prevent" (1983), gb/t12703-1991 reference to the use of JISL 1094 "physical and material live performance test Method" (1988). Test method for antistatic test of aatcc76-1995 fabrics;

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