Suggestions for choosing custom workwear in different industries
Apr 06, 2012

Work clothes are tailor-made for work needs. Customized work clothes need to be based on the requirements of customers, combined with professional characteristics, team culture, body characteristics, wearing habits, etc., from the color, fabric, style, shape, matching and other aspects of clothing, to provide the best design, create rich content for customers And a brand new professional image. So, how do you choose work clothes in all walks of life?


1. Workers or laboratory personnel engaged in chemical production should wear rubber aprons, rubber long gloves, rubber long overshoes in addition to thicker tight-sleeved anti-corrosion overalls when working in workshops or laboratories with corrosive substances. . If necessary, wear a rubber work cover with a helmet that can be isolated from the outside world.

2. When the agricultural production workers perform general outdoor work, they need to wear black coarse cloth or overalls made of khaki. Forest workers should wear three tight overalls, and the neckline, cuffs, and ankles should be tightened to prevent pests from invading.

3, mechanical workers often travel between the machines, need to avoid the clothes wrapped by the machine, but also need to resist friction. Therefore, the tailored design of the overalls is required to be tight, the hem, cuffs, trouser legs can be buckled, and the fabric requirements are stronger, wearable, and the color is deeper.

4. Food processing manufacturing

Should be wearing a white, custom-made overalls with buckles on the back, the work clothes are required to be made longer than the knees, the cuffs can be fastened, and hats and masks are worn to enhance the cleanliness and prevent food from being contaminated.

5. When working in a high temperature environment, such as firefighters, the amount of exposure to heat radiation is large, and in the working scene, high temperature or even flame is exposed. The flame retardant and heat insulation functions of the overalls are very important. In addition, the overalls worn when working under high temperature conditions should be white or light as much as possible, and the fabric should be thick and soft. Working at high temperatures, sweating, some people like to shirtless on the upper body, which will cause heat radiation to burn the skin, make the skin hot and dry, reduce heat dissipation, and easily cause physical injury. Therefore, work at high temperatures should not only wear overalls, but also wear thick long-sleeved clothes and trousers, and put on gloves and even masks and foot protectors.

6. Working in high-voltage electrified places, or where explosive gas mixtures continue to emerge continuously or for a short period of time or for long periods of time and where explosive gas mixtures may be present, the minimum ignition energy of combustibles is below 0.25 mJ. Wear an antistatic suit when wearing it.

Anti-static clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabric. This fabric uses special polyester filaments to weave conductive fibers in the warp or weft direction. It has high-efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture. A special overlocking machine is used in the process of making garments, which effectively reduces the generation of particles. The dust-free fastening tape avoids contamination of the environment by hair loss. Different styles are provided according to the level requirements, and conductive fibers are used to make the parts of the garment maintain electrical continuity; the sleeve tube is a unique double-layer structure, and the inner layer is made of conductive or anti-static rib to meet the requirements of high-level dust-free environment. .


The special protective clothing customization in Yulong textile overalls is mainly related to anti-static clothing and flame-retardant clothing. The products are mainly used in special working environments to meet the needs of labor protection. Safety protection is the most important feature of the product. It needs to be easy to wear and comfortable to operate, while meeting the requirements of high strength and high wear resistance.

In addition to the choice of custom work clothes, we should also pay attention to the special service for employees. It is recommended that the overalls be worn only in the workplace and not taken home to prevent the spread of pathogens or poisons. Should also pay attention to keep clean, tidy, often clean, sewing, to ensure that the overalls play the role of protection....

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