Use of antistatic clothing in industry
Jun 26, 2012

At present, many electronic processing enterprises require the use of anti-static clothing, and the requirements are constantly improving, which is necessary for precision processing operations, because the need to avoid dust damage to the machine, especially in the manufacture of chips need better static clothing. Our ordinary clothes will produce static electricity easy to absorb the surrounding dust, which is not conducive to processing, so we need to use this kind of clothes to reduce dust into, the effect is really good, it is now widely used in different industries.

Antistatic work clothes are made of special fabrics, which are not available in ordinary clothing. With the progress of technology, people have designed clothes with better anti-electricity effect, whether in our life, or in production can play a very good effect, because the processing technology level is different, different brands of clothes in the anti-static degree is also different, we can understand this by testing Here it is.


Many high-tech industries have corresponding requirements for anti-static clothing, only to meet the requirements can be used, the more sophisticated the requirements for static clothing on the higher, some only through special customization can be, this is more demand. The first design, customer satisfaction before starting production, especially in the after-sales aspects can make you feel at ease.

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