Why the Use of Flame Retardant Fabric is More Important Than Non Flame Retardant Fabric
Jun 12, 2014

In fire, the scene of the use of flame retardant fabrics will be reduced by 20% compared with the site where the flame retardant fabric is not used. In the fire, before the blazing fire burns us, the smoke produced in the burning of the object will first cause considerable damage to us, the light fainting of oxygen and the suffocation of death.

The green environmental and flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang YuLong Textile Co., Ltd not only has the characteristics of fire extinguishing from fire and extinguishing, but the smoke emitted by the green and flame retardant fabric developed by us is only 2/3 of the ordinary flame retardant fabric, and the smoke produced by the flame retardant fabric is nontoxic. White smoke, white smoke inhalation damage to human body is far less than that of colored cigarettes, of which black smoke is the most toxic.

flame retardant fabric

In the work, the safety must be our first consideration, so it is very important to say that the flame retardant fabric is very important for the staff engaged in the inflammable and explosive dangerous industries, such as petroleum, gasification and smelting. Flame retardant clothing made of flame retardant fabric, its touch, color, appearance, tearing resistance and wear resistance are all the same as ordinary fabric, and when the flame damage is encountered, the flame retardant fabric will protect the user from the damage and reduce the burn degree.

Choose Yulong, choose safety; provide safer protection for you in work is the effort we have been making.

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