Is It Safe To Wear or Use PROBAN Flame Retardant Fabric?
May 14, 2014

It has been 30 years since the PROBAN process was invented, the PROBAN flame retardant fabric now is widely used in many fields but without examples that it’s harm to personal safety and health. Many tests have been applied to prove the compliance of PROBAN flame retardant fabric with the increasing health and safety requirements in society. Those tests have proved that the PROBAN polymer is harmless like normal salt or soda to human body, when taken orally; and those detailed irritating researches on the skin of volunteers also proved the PROBAN flame retardant fabric won’t irritate skin or cause allergic reaction.

When the PROBAN flame retardant fabric touches the fire, it will form an insulating carbonized layer, then constrain the smoke and produce smolder. In this process, some strange odors may be produced. Experiments at a medical research centre in the UK have shown that the carbonation process of PROBAN flame retardant fabric produces no more toxic smoke than untreated cotton fabric, and the PROBAN treated fabric produces much less combustible products than the untreated fabric. Because all untreated fabric will burn down, but PROBAN fabric can reduce the burning degree and produce a small amount of burning products.

flame retardant fabric

The Usage of Flame Retardant Fabric

PROBAN flame retardant fabric is mainly used in the following fields:

1. For labor protective clothing, such as firefighters' fighting clothes, copper and iron factory fitters, welders, electricians, coal mine workers and oil field workers fire retardant work clothes;

2. For bedclothes, curtains, sofas etc..

3. For police uniforms, military uniforms and tents.

4. For children’s clothing and patients’ clothing.

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