What are the characteristics and protective measures of Arc proof clothing?
May 07, 2012

Electric welding is a kind of special operation in China. It has high risk in the industry, is prone to self-injury accidents, and causes harm to the surrounding working environment and other people's lives. Arc proof, we usually call it arc proof, which is a huge arc effect generated by the electric welder, which generates heat energy, so that the place where the original separation needs to be welded is melted and combined to achieve a firm combination and inseparability. Therefore, when the electric welder is working on electric welding, the Arc proof clothing should be properly worn to prevent self-harm. So, what are the characteristics of Arc proof clothing? What are the protective measures for Arc proof clothing operations? Below, Xinxiang Yulong Textile will give you a brief introduction:


Features of Arc proof clothing:

1. The welder's overalls are made of canvas cotton fabric according to the environmental characteristics of the Arc proof clothing operation. The canvas is a thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric. It is made of plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, and the warp and weft are used. Strands. With high temperature resistance function, let's take a look at the blue canvas cotton welding workwear customized by Ying Nuoda:


2, Arc proof , will produce sparks and iron slag, and the temperature is very high, the welder must wear long sleeves, gloves, pockets must have a flap to prevent the injection of Mars iron slag, to avoid burns;


What are the protective measures for Arc proof clothing operations:

1, the first thing to say is that the welder must wear electric welding overalls, insulated shoes and insulated gloves;

2. When welding, the powerful arc light generates a lot of ultraviolet and infrared rays, which has a stimulating effect on the human eye. Therefore, the welding shield should be taken when welding, and the protective cover is provided with a filter lens to avoid straightness with the arc light. View

3, take measures to prevent electric shock, timely test the welding equipment and welding wire;

4. When welding, wear a mask to prevent the inhalation of harmful gases and dust.

The above is the characteristics of the Arc proof clothing summarized by Xinxiang Yulong Textile, and the protective measures for the Arc proof clothing operation. If you are interested in our work clothes, you are welcome to call us or contact our online customer service. Yulong Textile is dedicated to Your service.

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