What are the main categories of protective clothing?
Mar 03, 2013

Protective clothing suitable for general working environment, mainly to prevent general oil pollution, dust, and mechanical abrasion. The state and industry have not designated a unified general labor protection clothing product standards, but some provinces and municipalities have formulated local standards, and into the scope of local product management, such as Hubei, Jiangsu Province.            In addition to conforming to the general national standards for clothing, the following principles should be considered in terms of safety:            

1.structure: wear light, comfortable, easy to wear off, conducive to human activities.           

2. style: split type upper garment requires tight cuffs, tight bottom, dark buttons and dark pockets. The lower jacket is straight pants or overalls or dress pants, which require tight trousers (referred to as "three tight" type), other styles can also be designed according to the nature of work, labor conditions, user needs, such as medical surgical protective clothing.            

3. fabric: materials with good permeability should be used. Disable materials that are inflammable and easy to melt.            

Two. Special labor protective clothing      Special labour protective clothing is mainly composed of the following categories:            

1, flame-retardant protective clothing; 2, anti-static clothing; 3, acid-proof clothing; 4, oil-proof and water-proof clothing; 5, waterproof clothing; 6, forest fire-proof clothing; 7, X-ray protection clothing; 8, neutron radiation protection clothing; 9, anti-microwave clothing; 10, live work shielding clothing; 11, back armor, etc.

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