What is antistatic clothing
Feb 15, 2015

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       It is said that the anti static clothing may have a misunderstanding in the heart, that the anti static clothing is just a garment and pants, in fact, this idea is not correct, then what is the anti static clothing in the end? And how to choose the best quality anti static clothing?

      Static electricity is a kind of static charge. This phenomenon is often encountered in dry and windy autumn. When the body's static electricity reaches thousands of volts or even ten thousand volts, it can cause heart rate abnormalities and premature cardiac contractions, thus affecting the normal work of the heart. The electric spark produced by static electricity may be the fuse of fire and even explosion in the flammable and explosive environment, so anti static clothing is an indispensable protective device in oil, chemical, mechanical processing and other industries.

       Antistatic clothing is generally a complete set of included, uniforms, protective gloves and headgear. Anti static clothing is divided into one-off anti static clothing and permanent anti static clothing according to its functions; most of our common anti static clothing are permanent anti static clothing, good anti static clothing should be added to moderate, fine workmanship, and the most important thing is to have good static resistance.

       Xinxiang Yulong textile has been engaged in the production and processing of functional clothing for many years. The anti static clothing produced by us is made of grey cloth made of carbon fiber, and has the characteristics of soft touch, good air permeability and water resistance. After the design of the designer of our garment factory, the improved anti static clothing style is novel and comfortable. It is an indispensable protective equipment in the flammable and explosive industry.

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