What is fluorescent High visibility fabric?
May 24, 2012

Fluorescent dyes

In the visible range can strongly absorb, and the fluorescence of the dye radiation.

Textile fluorescent dyes:

Fluorescent whitening agent

2. Dispersed fluorescent dye

Fluorescent paint

Worldwide, active fluorescent dyes are only imported - fluorescent yellow

Fluorescence principle

Fluorescence is a photoluminescence phenomenon. When ultraviolet light, or some kind of light, impinges on a fluorescent substance, the substance absorbs energy in accordance with its characteristic frequency, transitioning from the ground state to a more energetic excited state.

In the unstable excited state, the molecule will transfer the relaxation to the lowest vibration level of the excited state in a short time, balance the excited state, and then fall back to the higher vibrational level of the ground state. Decay energy in the form of fluorescence during the fall, the fluorescence disappears when the irradiation is stopped.

Fluorescent whitening agent

Brighteners have been widely used in textiles, paper, detergent, soap, rubber, plastics, paints and paints.

Disperse fluorescent dyes

Dispersed fluorescent dye small molecules, the structure does not contain water-soluble groups, with the help of the dispersant in the dye evenly dispersed into the interior of the fiber. After padding dyed liquid that line drying, then hot melt processing. Under the action of high temperature, the dye deposited on the fabric can diffuse into the interior of the fiber in a single molecule and finish the dyeing of the chemical fiber in a very short period of time.


Due to the small molecule of fluorescent dye fused with the fiber, fabric rubbing fastness and color fastness are very good, but poor light fastness

Fluorescent paint

1. Fluorescent paints are a mixture of fluorescent pigments, dispersants and wetting agents that do not dissolve in water and have no affinity for the fibers and can not be dyed according to the dyeing conditions of conventional dyes

2. Fluorescent pigment particles, the low color, dark shade, poor fastness, shade is not easy to accurately; small particles, the high rate of coloring, fastness, but the impact of vividness.

3. Fluorescent paint padding attached to the fiber surface, and then through the adhesive resin components to help paint the surface of the fiber fixation, to achieve a certain degree of color fastness. Due to the resin contained in the adhesive effect, the fabric will feel hardened.

Fluorescent fabric

Fluorescent fabric refers to the general fabric after fluorescent staining or coating finishing with a strong reflective effect of the fabric.

The use of fluorescent fabrics can make targets in the very far away or in the dark get a strong reflection of light, which play a good warning and safety precautions

Fluorescent fabrics to chemical fiber-based, disperse fluorescent dye dye fiber, water color fastness, bright color.

Cotton, linen, silk, wool fabric to do fluorescent color, are basically fluorescent paint through the adhesive coating on the fiber to achieve the purpose of dyeing. Fabric color due to the surface mechanism, paint concentration, dye uptake and pH and other factors vary, and do not even appear to emit fluorescence. Lead to fluorescent color no effect.

Fluorescent fabric usage problems and errors


Color shortcomings:

Fluorescent fabric light color fastness is poor.

2. Fluorescent paint friction color fastness, washed fade powerful.

3, cotton, linen, wool, silk material color fluorescent colors exist difficult, dark color, low fluorescence reflectivity and other issues.


Production problems:

1. The industry's smallest dye packaging is generally 25 kg, many factories do not have fluorescent dyes, in case of multi-color ratio, the number of small can not be produced.

2. Many natural materials, the lack of fabric factory fluorescent fabric experience, leading to many problems of color fastness and color problems appear.

3. Some factories in the ordinary dye based on the addition of fluorescent brightener to posing as fluorescent dye staining

Fluorescent fabric chemical hazards

Fluorescent agent

Fluorescent stilbene derivatives of the main components, such as some lipstick, detergent contains fluorescent agent.

Fluorescent agents on the human body:

Fluorescents are not as easily as the general chemical composition of decomposition, but in the human body accumulation, has many harmful effects, greatly reduce the body's immune system; Fluorescent agents and proteins outside the wound, but also hinders wound healing; Fluorescent energy The tendency of human cells to appear variability, its toxicity accumulated in the liver or other vital organs, will become a potential carcinogenic factors. Causes blood system damage.

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