What Properties Do Proban Fire Retardant Fabric and CP Fire Retardant Fabric Have Respectively?
Feb 05, 2014

Proban fire retardant fabric is made by means of the well known Proban manufacturing process. This kind of high quality fire retardant fabrics possess a very washable, breathable and comfortable and with no poison, no smell, no stimulate, the environmental performance of which can reach the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified by TESTEX, and the fire retardant property and the thermal protective performance of which can reach EN11611(EN470-1), EN11612(EN531), ASTMD6413, NFPA2112, BS5852, ASTMF1506 etc. certified by TUV, BTTG etc. respectively.

Proban fire retardant fabrics posses good washable. If properly maintained, the fire resistance will stay as long as the fabric itself. Generally speaking, it can still reach the standard after 50 times washes.

The advantages of Proban: with good fire resistance, no smell, not easy to damage the strength(within 10%) and really low cost.

The disadvantages of Proban: high formaldehyde content(>100ppm), not as soft handle as CP, the color changes a lot after flame retardant process.

PYROVATEX CP fire retardant fabric: Pyrovatex CP fire retardant fabrics have the good washable property. Generally speaking, it still reaches the standard after 50 times washes. Otherwise, Pyrovatex CP fire retardant fabrics feel soft, no odour, and meet the European Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental standards, which is environmental-friendly and harmless to human beings, we call it “Green Fire Retardant Fabric”. Combined with some other processes, it can also add many other functions, such as water and oil proof, winkle resistant etc. properties, this way we can produce functional fire retardant fabrics.

Advantages of Pyrovatex CP: formaldehyde content is less than or equal to 80 ppm, can meet the environmental protective requirements, along with the soft handle, and the color fastness changes little after fire resistance process.

Disadvantages of Pyrovatex CP: easy to damage the strength(15-20%), high cost compared to Proban.

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