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Yulong Textile Marketing Department Held A Christmas Badminton Competition
Dec 27, 2018

To celebrate Christmas, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. Marketing Department held a wonderful badminton competition on the afternoon of the 25th.

Yulong Textile Marketing Department held a Christmas badminton competition

The game officially started at 3 pm. It is divided into team competitions and individual competitions. The team competitions are divided into three groups’ competitions doubles competitions, and only the colleagues cooperate with each other. There are many wonderful events. Individual competitions are individual singles, divided into 6 teams, colleagues are struggling to compete, the skills are superb, and the skills are not good. After several times, individual champions have also been born.

The purpose of the company's competition is to train everyone's body, and the second is to promote everyone's teamwork spirit. Now, both of these goals have been successfully achieved.

Through this time, colleagues have continuously enhanced mutual understanding and increased tacit understanding. In the future work, we can cooperate better and achieve better results!

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