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Anti-static Clothing
Jun 11, 2018

The use of stainless steel fiber, sub conductive fiber, anti-static synthetic fiber and polyester / cotton blended or mixed, can automatically corona discharge or leakage discharge, can eliminate the clothes and the human body charged, at the same time for anti-static hats, socks, shoes.

Its performance index conforms to gb12014-2009 standard:

Cloth charge Density ≤5μc/m2

Coat with charge amount ≤0.5μc/m2

Anti-static clothing Ten standards: [3] 1, anti-static overalls: In order to prevent the accumulation of static clothing, anti-static fabric for the fabric and sewing overalls.

2, anti-static Fabric: To prevent the accumulation of electrostatic clothing, in the textile, roughly spaced or evenly mixed with conductive fiber fabrics.

3, Conductive fiber: the use of metal oxides or carbon black composite spinning method made of fiber.

4, the appearance of clothing requirements: No damage, spots, dirt and other defects affecting the performance of clothing.

5, Anti-Static fabric performance: In the temperature 20±5℃, humidity 30~40% environment, after washing 100 times, fabric charge surface density average ≤7.0μc/m2.

6, anti-static clothing performance: Each anti-static clothing charged charge amount of <0.6μc/pieces, washable performance (A-Class ≥33.0 H, B-Class ≥16.5 H).

7, anti-static Clothing inspection standards: The People's Republic of China anti-static clothing GB (gb12014-2009).

8, anti-static Clothing inspection basis: gb/t12703-1991 "textile Electrostatic test method." 9, anti-static fabric dyeing requirements: Light mercerized, do not wear wool.

Oxygen Bleaching Agent Please try to control the dosage of 80%. 10, anti-static clothing wear requirements: prohibited in flammable and explosive places to wear off, prohibited in anti-static clothing wear any metal objects, and anti-static shoes matching wear.

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