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Anti-static Fabric Contrast
Jun 11, 2018

In the specific use of conductive silk fabrics in the conductive wire is embedded in the back of the fabric, in order to facilitate the aesthetic and smooth fabric, fabric on the back of the semiconductor, fabric is the front of the insulator. So made of garments, the main elimination is only clothing and human friction generated static electricity, can not eliminate the external equipment and other friction generated by static electricity, clothing still has a positive charge accumulation.

Blended fabric because it is the conductive fiber in the textile process to add to the yarn, the front and back of the fabric are semiconductor, and can make surface positive and negative charges can be conductive and mutual cancellation, can quickly and evenly eliminate the body and clothing generated by static electricity, as well as with the outside contact with the clothing surface generated by electrostatic, clothing no charge accumulation.

In oil fields, petrochemical, refining, chemical and other industries, wearing anti-static clothing and related protective supplies are mainly aimed at eliminating the external and human production of static electricity, while avoiding the accumulation of charges, eliminate electrostatic discharge sparks caused by the safety hazards. As a result, in most high-risk industries, the protective properties of blended antistatic fabrics have been accepted. The use of blended anti-static fabric, not only improve the anti-static performance, but also reduce the security risks.

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