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Winter Weather Is Dry, Beware Of Electrical Fires
Nov 21, 2017

Since November, obvious change in the weather, wind, cooling, drying has become the main described recent weather vocabulary. According to the fire department statistics, heating equipment, transportation, waste, is the most important three factors cause fire in winter. Winter moisture from the air to reduce the external goods also will be particularly dry, we all know, dry goods is one of the best medium for firing.

Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. We are engaged in the functional processing and production of flame retardant fabrics and clothing store in our warehouse have a lot of fabric, accessories, and the delivery to customers in flame retardant, flame retardant clothing fabrics finished products. So the warehouse can be said to be the security check list. Our security staff will be in the warehouse of the ventilation system, lighting system and indoor temperature and humidity monitoring system all carefully screening, and arrange related personnel designated warehouse for ventilation and cleaning every day, in order to ensure that the relative humidity inside the warehouse.

Winter weather is dry, beware of electrical fires.png

Within the production workshop, for the sake of convenient transportation and production, our flame retardant fabric open the door of the production workshop, to ensure that the workshop the heat preservation problem of the first production line staff, we will have the heating on each post configuration. Similarly, to eliminate potential safety hazard of heating equipment, our security team will be divided according to region, workshop were placed in each area have safety inspection, real-time inspect and supervise the workshop in winter for safety.

Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD insists on "cautious, do meticulous work style, for possible fire hazard made a thorough inventory work, from the source to eliminate all fire hazards.

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