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Development Prospect Of Flame Retardant Materials
Jun 11, 2018

The supplier emphasizes that quality and safety are the first priority and should be considered in the consideration of cost and expense. Newer, safer and more scientific will prevail.

McKinnon said industrial producers should keep in mind that consumer health and safety are the most important. It is also expected that halogen materials will no longer be used, in part because of the social pressure on polymer additives such as plasticizers, stabilizers and halogen-retardant agents. Prior to this, halogen flame retardant is a general use of thermoplastic polymer anti-combustion agent, often and antimony trioxide materials used in combination. Ems-griltech's Hesselbart that the halogen-containing products when burning, will produce high concentrations of toxic and corrosive gases, and make the final product recycling complex; She eventually said that Ems-griltech's flame-retardant copolyester material could improve fire performance,

There is no longer a need to use halogen-containing and heavy-metal flame retardants.

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