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Environment-Friendly Cotton Fire Retardant Fabric Is Your Safety First Choice
Sep 01, 2018

According to rough statistics, about 1.5 million animals died from pollution every year before 2013. The ecological imbalance caused by severe environmental pollution has led to frequent natural disasters and frequent extinctions caused by food chain disruption. In recent years, with the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, green and environmental protection have become the lifestyle advocated by more and more modern people. Therefore, for many of our customers, ordering green and safe fire retardant fabric in environment-friendly factories has gradually become the mainstream of their choice.

fire retardant fabric factory

Xinxiang Yulong textile co., LTD. Is a new factory carrying out ecological sustainable development and making efforts to build a green and environment-friendly enterprise. Since its establishment in 2002, we have been trying hard to introduce the production and processing technology of environment-friendly and safe fire retardant fabric, and invested a lot of money in the construction of sewage treatment equipment. Cotton fire retardant fabric produced by us has professional environmental monitoring personnel for sewage sampling inspection in every process. Our cotton fire retardant fabric USES natural long stapled cotton which has better toughness and elasticity than ordinary cotton fiber. Natural fiber materials even used cotton fire retardant fabric can be well degraded and join into the natural circulation. Through the unique environmental protection processing technology of Yulong, the fire retardant effect of cotton fire retardant fabric remains unchanged after 100 times of washing. On the basis of flam

e retardant, we have also developed a flame retardant anti-static fabric, flame retardant anti-oil water-repellent fabric, flame retardant fluorescent fabric and other functional composite safety protective fabrics.

Live environmentally, work environmentally. The green and safe cotton fire retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong textile co., LTD is your best choice.

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