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Examples Of Innovative Suppliers Of Flame Retardants In Asia
Jun 11, 2018

Japan Osaka Kaneka Company produced Kanecaron brand modified Polyacrylonitrile fiber, it contains 35-85% acrylonitrile components, with the ability to prevent combustion, flexible, easy to dye. When this fiber burns, it needs oxygen, and the oxygen in the air must be greater than the amount in the fiber, in other words, no flame will not burn. In turn, and high burning natural fibers, such as cotton fiber together, burning Kanecaron can maintain fire resistance, resist the burning flame of natural fibres, reduce burning speed, isolate air, stop burning. Many synthetic fibres are heated to melt and become liquid, causing severe burns in the body's skin. Even if the Kanecaron fiber burns, it will not melt into liquid, but only carbonization, a little shrinkage, so eliminate the possibility of injury. The Kanecaron and its self extinguishing (carbonization and preventing flame enlargement) ultimately form a protective environment for the user.

The oxygen-limiting index (LOI) of this fiber is 28-38, which is significantly larger than that of natural fibres and synthetic fibres, and its flame retardancy does not decline, and it can enhance safety with other non flame retardant fibers according to a certain ratio of blended fabric. Japan Toyobo Company Textile Fiber Toyobo Heim flame-retardant polyester fiber, has filament and staple fiber two kinds of products, in the process of production of fiber, by the Copolymerization method to add flame retardant materials. Fiber itself with flame retardant, compared with the general after treatment with flame retardant fiber, its flame-retardant effect more stable, with long-lasting, can withstand repeated family washing and/or dry cleaning, with excellent self-cleaning, when the fire will only produce a small amount of low toxicity gas and smoke; fiber is not easy to absorb water, after washing drying fast, product size stability, not easy to shrink,

No ironing, sun resistance and chemical resistance, pest mildew prevention.

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