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Why Is Flame Retardant Anti-static Clothing The First Choice For Machine Building Industry?
Jan 01, 2015

        Flame retardant anti-static clothing refers to anti-static fabric silk into, and then with anti-static function of flame retardant fabric is processed with flame retardant and anti electrostatic double function of flame retardant anti-static clothing. This tool is suitable for aerospace, precision instruments, petrochemical and other electrostatic and flammable and explosive hazardous work environment; the mechanical manufacturing industry can be said to be the main application field of anti-static clothing.


        The machinery manufacturing industry occupies a very important position in the world industrial production in a word. The machinery manufacturing industry brings more economic sources to the people. It will also bring a great threat to the people engaged in this work, and the fire caused by the static electricity should be the greatest harm to the workers. In order to better protect workers from injury, many manufacturers will customize flame retardant anti-static clothing for their workers.

        The flame retardant anti-static clothing of Xinxiang Henan Dragon Textile production is made of high tech flame retardant anti-static fabric. The good flexibility makes people feel free when they wear them. However, the flame retardant anti-static clothing designed for the characteristics of different types of work can meet the workers' needs in the work more. It can effectively protect the safety of the workers. We want to purchase high quality, high quality, flame retardant anti-static clothing with affordable price and come to Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd.

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