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How To Buy Flame Retardant Fabric
Jul 15, 2015


       In a fire, the use of flame retardant fabrics in the disaster site than the use of flame retardant fabrics in the disaster site its property losses will be reduced by 20%. And the smoke from the burning of the object before burning us in the blazing fire will first cause considerable damage to us, the light of hypoxia syncope, or even suffocation death.

       Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production and processing of functional fabrics based on flame retardant fabrics for many years. Through years of communication and communication with customers, we found that although flame retardant fabrics are becoming more and more popular, many customers still have many doubts when buying flame retardant fabrics, so today we will Give a comprehensive answer to the two major questions about the purchase of flame retardant fabrics.

       1. what is high quality flame retardant fabric?

       Each kind of flame retardant fabric has its own characteristics, but the high quality flame retardant effect is undoubtedly the best standard to judge the quality of flame retardant fabric. Regular flame retardant fabrics manufacturers will love the production process for flame retardant effect testing, so you can buy flame retardant fabrics when you can look for manufacturers to show you flame retardant fabric testing data.

      2. the difference between flame retardant fabric and flame retardant fabric.

      In essence, it protects the wearer from fire. Raw material flame retardant fabrics are usually made of aramid fiber, melamine fiber, or cured by ammonia or heat, their flame retardant effect will not change because of the number of washing, but the flame retardant effect of finishing flame retardant fabrics will decrease with the number of washing, but high-quality flame retardant fabrics will ensure that after washing 100 times flame retardant. The effect of combustion has changed.

      Above is the summary of the fire retardant fabric ordering tips, if you do not understand anything else can contact us through the hotline, our customer service staff will be the first time to answer your questions.

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