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Keep Warm Is The Most Important To The Workers In The Cold Weather
Dec 14, 2017

The first snow come to many places, the weather is getting cold, the people on the road is shrinking neck, tighten the clothes neckline pedestrians, winter swell cold and dry everywhere.

Whether indoors or outdoors staff, should pay attention to cold, warm. A warm clothing can make workers more comfortable to carry out their work. Yulong textile production of thick cotton flame retardant fabric, can be made into a winter jacket, trousers, Siamese clothes, etc., with Yulong skilled flame retardant process, the fabric from the fire self-extinguishing, no droplet, carbon long in 10cm Within, feel soft, strong, good wear resistance, better protection of the body from harm, and its anti-arc performance is also very good, very popular with European and American customers. Made from this flame-retardant cloth plus cotton flame retardant clothing can better protect workers from the cold invasion.

Xinxiang Textile Co., Ltd. Yulong committed to the study of protective fabrics and protective clothing has more than 10 years of experience, we Yulong Textile chose the best quality yarn to spinning, weaving. From the raw materials to ensure the quality of the product, the maximum use of environmentally friendly dyes to meet customer needs green. Fabric dyeing and flame retardant finishing a complete quality control system to ensure that produce the best quality products.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd always put the product innovation in the first place, to be technically innovative, and constantly improve the quality of products, and strive to create a world-class functional fabric production and processing export.

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