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Summer Protective Master - UV Protective Workwear
Aug 02, 2018

Unconsciously, Summer was coming, the hot weather has made the light and breathable UV protective workwear be the most popular one, and the UV protective workwear is the best protective choice for the staff engaged in outdoor work in summer.

The earliest UV protective fabrics are often used in outdoor items such as tents, knapsack, and sunshade, while the professional UV protective workwear appears in the United States in 2007 and then flows into all parts of the world to become the favorite of outdoor workers. The main purpose of UV protective workwear is to avoid the sun in the ultraviolet light irradiation of the human body resulting in skin erythema, blisters, swelling and other dermatitis.

The UV protective workwear produced by Xinxiang YuLong Textile Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of Innocuou, harmless and no irritation. The air permeable and moisture permeability of the special UV protective workwear produced by Yulong textile is superior to the same type of product in the market. The shielding rate of ultraviolet radiation is up to 90%, and it is good for UV-A and UV-B. Good absorptive effect, its UPF value is more than 50, after 50 washing, the UPF value can still reach 40.

The UV protective workwear produced by Xinxiang YuLong Textile Co., Ltd. has been tested for UV protection by the European and American inspection agencies; it can bring you a more safe and more reliable UV protection experience.

UV protective workwear

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