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The Key To The Development Of Flame Retardant Fabric Is Still Cost
Jun 11, 2018

Although the development prospect of flame-retardant materials is good, the cost is still the main concern, especially the raw materials and energy prices are still soaring today.

Basofil Fiber Company, one of its main strategies to reduce costs is to reduce the content of high-performance fiber, production of more goods, over the past few years this has made a great change in cost. In the Home Decoration production field, Basofil has innovated a kind of product which satisfies the special flame retardant target, HF100, the price is cheaper than the old product 20%, almost covers the most specially uses in the Nonwovens product.

McKinnon preaches: With its innovative blending formula, reasonable price, safe science, non-toxic, no chemical spraying, impregnation or other treatment, and as long as the application is appropriate, the product performance is consistent, can meet a variety of test requirements, and some other chemical treatment solution is different. Apexical companies and users in close collaboration, according to their application requirements customized products, to achieve cost-effective results, the importance of cost-effective technology unprecedented prominence, especially in the field of industrial textiles. Low-concentration use helps to reduce the overall price. Ciba Company's Shields said that their use of polyolefin materials, the flame retardant, its added concentration can be much lower than conventional products, and can be melted in the process (melt processable), in the Nonwovens production when applied, do not have to reduce production speed , and non-molten products are usually not used in the production of this kind of fine fiber.

As a result, the production of flame retardant nonwovens can be completed once without two treatment. Another way to reduce production costs is to avoid two of Ciba, such as back coating, usually because of the lack of an effective process to melt the flame retardant, and the need to use such methods as back coating to obtain the required flame-retardant properties.

The disposable method of the product, other properties will not be affected by the flame retardant, so the thoroughfare is more extensive.

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