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High Visibility Clothing

High-Visibility Jacket

Material: 60% Modacrylic 38% Cotton 2% Antistatic Fiber Modacrylic Cotton Fire Proof Fabric
Standard: EN 20471,ISO 4920,AATCC 22,EN11611,EN11612,Oeko-tex100 class 2
Function: High visibility function, warning effect, protection function, Anti Static,Flame Retardant MOQ:1000 pieces per color
Port: Shanghai/Tianjin/Qingdao
Supply Type: OEM service
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1. Product Introduction

The principle of the high visbility jacket tips first of all need to light to emit light, but the high visbility jacket fabric emits light longer than the wavelength of the light, and the reflected light wavelength will not change, but it may absorb some wavelengths of light. In general, the high visbility jacket fabric can make you feel particularly eye-catching, but the brightness is not strong because he just changed the color of the light that is invisible to the naked eye to become visible to the naked eye, so it will be more eye-catching. But they are all close to the basic color of the fluorescent jacket fabric. The reflective material is no matter what your light, it will retro-reflect after coming back directional, high-end products can also reflect at a large angle). His feature is no matter what the light, such as on the road The signs are blue and the lights of the cars are yellow and white, but the driver or passengers see the blue signs. The stronger the reflected light of the primary material, the more intense the reflected light is, the brighter the reflective material is and the reflective material has an interesting characteristic.

In order to improve work safety, Yulong Textile has established a professional R&D and design team, using high-quality fluorescent fabrics and well-known brand clothing accessories (YKK, 3M) to design and produce high visbility jacket for different types of work and work environment.

2.Product Details

High-Visibility Jacket (1).jpg

The specific details of this high visbility jacket that you are following are as follows:

1. This high-visibility jacket is mainly made of Modacrylic Cotton Fire Proof Fabric and spliced with black functional fabric on the shoulders. It has high visible fluorescence function, flame retardant function and anti-static function.

2. The collar uses a vertical design, which looks clean and neat, and has good windproof function in statistics.

3. There are 3M reflective strips on the left and right sides of the shoulder to increase the cue effect.

4. There is a large pocket on the right side of the chest. The cover of the chest is stitched and used to close the metal buttons. There are black easy-to-open tabs to facilitate opening and closing of the bag.

5. Chest left side pocket, bag mouth decorated with black cloth, pocket mouth vertical, close to the middle, zip closure.

6. There are two 3M reflective tapes under the clothes

7. The jacket has large pockets inside and on both sides for easy access to items.

8. There are black elastic bands on both sides of the bottom of the fluorescent jacket.

9. The use of traditional metal zip closure method, and there is a closed method with paste.

Application:For sanitation workers, traffic police, firemen, crew, lumberjacks and other work clothing

3.Product Accessories

High-Visibility Jacket - (3).jpg

4. Product Application

High-Visibility Jacket - (4).jpg

5. Factory

High-Visibility Jacket - (2).jpg

6.Product Certification

High-Visibility Jacket - (5).jpg

7.Deliver and Shipping

High-Visibility Jacket - (1).jpg


Q: Any possibility of reducing lead time?

A: We are making by order, we need to know the quantity and color you need, so that we can check with our production department for the delivery time.The running colored fabrics have a shorter delivery.

Q: What about the package of the fabric and clothing?

A: Fabric: packing in rolls, inside is poly bag, outside is woven bag, or according the request of customer.

Clothing: carton, or according the request of customer.

Q: What about the transaction process?

A: Negotiation - sign a contract - pay the deposit – production - examine goods – pay the balance - deliver goods - perfect after-sale services.

Q: Which port does this ship from in China?

A: Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenzhen.

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