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High Visibility Fabric

Cotton FR High Visibility Fabric

Cotton FR High Visibility Fabric

Code: YL-TC/HIV23386
Material: 30%cotton 70%polyester
Weave: 3/1 twill
Weight: 230 gsm
MOQ: 3000 meters
Standards: EN 11612, EN 20471, ANSI 107, Oeko Tex standard 100 (class 2)
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1.Product Introduction of the fabric.

Functional fabrics usually refers to textiles with special features beyond the conventional textile products warm, cover and landscaping features outside, such as the common anti-static, wash and wear (DP), shrink-proof, moth, waterproof, anti-fouling , anti -wrinkle, anti-pilling, etc., as well as fire-retardant, UV, far infrared, electromagnetic shielding, anti-bacterial deodorizing and odor, radiation, high moisture, etc. These textiles with some special features, some of them only Has a single function, but also some of them is multifunctional or composite functional fabrics.

2.Product Application of the high visibility fabric.


3.Factory of the hi-vis fabric.


4.Serving of the fluorescent fabric.

Guarantee quality and delivery time

Calling for Feedback regularly; 24-hours online consultant

Provide knowledge of Product Maintenance

Provide third-party testing if you have any objection when you received the products

5.Production Process of the cotton fr high visibility fabric.


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