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Free Sample,Customized service 

Xinxiang Yulong Textile owns impeccable sample system, we can offer you the sample fabric for free and customize the workwear sample according to your requirements. You can get fabric sample by: 

1.Fill in the following consultation tables and tell us the detailed parameters of the sample you need.

2.Fill in the forms which under the fabric or garment list;

3.Inquire us on our website;

4.Send your inquiry to:

Quality control



In order to ensure 100% ex fabric factory pass rate ,we produce according to the production technology strictly in production process.For example:concentration of chemical additives,liquid entrainment rate,speed of fabric production equipment operation, moisture content time of neutralization, all must be strictly controlled within a reasonable range during the production process.We need to do correlation detection about each 1000 meters of the functional finishing fabric before stentering.We do 10 detection in each 1000 meters:we will do 3 detection near the test area if there is 1 disqualification,and if it is unqualified again,we will return all the fabric to fix or scrap.


We have an excellent and complete workwear inspection process to ensure that all the garment we produced will achieve customer’s requirements.


We will inspect fabrics and accessories before the workwear production to ensure the quality of the materials we use can arrive the standard.


We arrange flow testing staffs to inspect the thickness of thread,the size of the needle,needle pitch,single stitch,double stitch,triple stitch,eyelet,fell seam and thread ect seriously.


We will arrange professional quality inspectors to text the firmness of workwear after finishing the garments,for example:the inspectors will test whether there are double stitch,triple stitch,and bar-tacking to reinforce the pockets,pocket flaps,trouser loops and other position of stress intensity.Once they find problem, QC will ask workers fix it.


We will do final Random Inspection before delivery,so that we can ensure that every batch of the production will be qualified 100%.

After-Sales Service

回访客户_副本.jpgGuarantee quality and delivery time

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. adopts integrated production mode. From raw materials to finished products, we can strict monitoring in each production link. During producing, we will arrange someone to make sampling inspection, and when random fabric sample can pass rate of 100% , we can be ready to make shipping arrangements ; as well, one-stop business model can guarantee reasonable dispatch for workers, materials and production time so that guarantee the delivery time.

检测_副本.jpgCalling for Feedback regularly; 24-hours online consultant

We will arrange someone to call for feedback regularly for our sold production to make a track record according to characters of our production. We have opened 24-hour consulting hotline, wherever you are you can send your misgivings to us at any time. Our team will the first time accept and entry it to our production file which you feedback to us ,so that we can offer you more faster and meticulous service in future.

交期_副本.jpgProvide knowledge of Product Maintenance

We will nonsked provide new developed products and send email to you the knowledge of product maintenance. It will help to short run-in period between you and products so that you can quickly understand the nature and feature of the products you ordered.

提供保养知识_副本.jpgProvide third-party testing if you have any objection when you received the products

The products you received is high quality products and all have passed many inspections process. If you have any doubt about the quality or feature, you can apply for the third-party testing. We will accept in the first time and provide you the relative testing reports to you.

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